Tire recommendations


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Oct 15, 2020
Hi all,

I'm looking for new gravel tires for my CX bike (used also as road bike and gravel). I use Gravelkings Mud/AC 700x35c now and there are very nice, but want something faster for spring. Will ride most of bad quality tarmac and gravel, 99% of time on dry conditions. Tubeless is not important for me - probably will use with tubes (really don't like mess). Also, I'm pretty light rider (about 70 kg / 154 lbs) Max size is something about 700x37c (because of frame limitation).

What I already tried:
Gravelkings SK 700x35c - very nice, light, very fast and with great grip on gravel. Drawbacks: lack of comfort... I think this rubber is very hard. Also, they can "catapulte" small rocks and hit frame.
WTB Riddler 700x37c - nice, with a lot of comfort and nice grip, but slow, also, terrible tire quality (curve when use tubes), definitely not like them
WTB Exposure 700x34c - very, very fast and enough for gravel but also, terrible tire quality - never ever WTB
Continental Cyclocross Speed 700x35c - very fast, very light, nice grip, but "like paper" - a lot of flats

What I'm thinking about:
IRC Boken 700x36 - expensive, not light, but many people said it's very good choice... maybe worth to try?
Continental Terra Speed 700x35c - not sure... similar to Schwalbe G-Ones, but probably more durable

What can you recommend?