'Tis the Season to be Jolly!



It's almost Christmas once again, my favorite time of the year. What are my fellow cyclists getting for themselves this yuletide season?

Aside from the HRM, which I will be buying in a few minutes, I'll be getting a frame or mini-pump for myself too! :)

Gosh I love Christmas, no need to justify the cost of cycling stuff!

Falalalalalalalala! ;D
There's a new seat in store for me, and I think the wife's got Lance's book 'It's not about the Bike' for me aswell. Apart from that, we need a new mattress for our bed (I know what you're thinking! ;D ) Goh, they're expensive!
We put some X-mas lights up in the front window of our house last night. Yip, the holiday season is here!
'Its not about the bike' is simply the best book i've ever read. Andrea brought it for me on my birthday (4th dec) i finished it in a couple of days.....simply an awesome book. :)

re; the bed
keep up the good work ;) hehehe
Hey, congrats for the 4th!
re: the bed - will do, will do ;D
Yep, it's a very good book. I especially liked the part where Lance (the cocky Lance) taunted the Italian rider who mistook him for another American rider. Funny stuff! Chiapucci! Chiapucci! hahahaha

All I want to read now is "The Bicycle Wheel", and "The Dancing Chain".....so if any of you want to give me a gift for Christmas, you know what I want ;D

Admin: belated happy birthday! What do you want your forum mates to get you for turning ___ years?
Forgot to add: A while back some imbecile broke into my bakkie and tried to steal my car radio. It was bolted on well, so after the brain-dead moron realised that it could'nt be removed, he decided to break it. :mad: The point? I'll be getting myself a new sound system for the bakkie aswell.
[we need a new mattress for our bed try another way of training, i dont thing the bedroom is efficient, hahahahaha ;D
[we need a new mattress for our bed try another way of training, i dont thing the bedroom is efficient, hahahahaha ;D

I wear my heart rate monitor when I train in the bedroom! ;D
(quote author=Vo2 date=12/13/01 at 17:41:39]
some imbecile broke into my bakkie

Non comphrendez: What is a " bakkie" ? What type of vehicle?

The Americans have things called "SUV" s. I'm still trying to figure that one out.
I think 'SUV' is an acronym for Sports Utility Vehicle (4x4).
Willie, a bakkie (pronounced buck-key : but say the 'key' part fast) is slang for a pickup here in SA.
Thanks, Vo2. We call 'em 'utes' here, singular 'ute', pronounced 'yoot'. Interesting word, bakkie, possibly derived from 'buckboard'? No? A buckboard wagon had similar use on the farm/station in years past - general fetch and carry. Cheers.
In Afrikaans, the loading bin of an 'ute' is referred to as the 'bak', hence the word 'bakkie'.
A friend of mine went over to America a few years ago to participate in the World Archery Championships, and accidentally used the word 'bakkie' to describe a SUV. Apparently the locals liked the word so much, that they started using it all the time when referring to their vehicles.
He found it quite funny, hearing Americans use the word 'bakkie'.