'Tis the season to be jolly...



This morning's CTC meet was the last Wednesday one at Tittleshall until the
new year comes in. The meet is actually held in the Methodist church in the
village, and it's a coffee morning run by several ladies of the village who
have been doing it for years, week-in, week-out for years primarily for the
OAPs in the area, and they have made 'the cyclists' exceedingly welcome.
They are a great bunch. I've been popping along for several months now, and
I am regularly joined by old Jim who regales me with tales of his wartime
naval experiences and keeps me up-to-date on how his family is getting
along. Then there's David, a retired GP living in the village, who turns up
each week on a bike that is more rust than metal. David looks incredibly
frail, walks exceedingly slowly and carefully, yet pootles around the
village on his rusting bike. He's a real character. The dog (a sheltie)
turns up with her owner and said dog duly does the round of everyone at the
coffee morning, on the scrounge for a biscuit, but we are all under orders
from her owner not to give her any. The dog never gives up trying, though :)
Sometimes Harry the Cat strolls in. he's a gorgeous pure white little cat
who *knows* he rules the place and whenever Harry the Cat turns up, he gives
The Feline Look Of Death to the d*g, who immediately retires to the back of
the hall, and keeps out of the way, as the d*g Knows It's Place. Anyhow, I
am wandering.

It being the last meet for a couple of weeks, I thought I'd go festive and
my h*lm*t was decorated accordingly. I twined best placcy-ivy, placcy-holly
and placcy-poinsettia around the lid and put half-a-dozen blinkies on it.
Cycling there on the 'bent, I had the lights on front and back, with several
of the back ones flashing. So I set off at 9.30 this morning along the lanes
of Norfik, looking a thoroughly demented vision of festiveness. You know I
refer to the 'bent as my smilemobile, well today, it was the festive
cheermobile. The HGV drivers I passed or that passed me wound down windows
to shout "Merry Christmas" The ones with huge arrays of flashing lights on
and round the cabs set off their lights a-flashing, grinned and gave a
thumbs up or a wave. Even more car drivers waved and smiled too. A tractor
driver pulled over, stopped, wound his window down and said, "You look
festive and you can really see you coming! Have a lovely Christmas." I got
to the hall in Tittleshall and walked in. The old ladies burst into applause
and cheered. The ladies running the event were all in Santa hats &
Christmassy earrings, & festive stuff, and were chuffed I'd joined in with
the spirit of the day.

The journey home was a repeat of the earlier journey, with mucho smiling and
waving from motorists in all shapes and sizes of vehicles.

A simple thing like a silly h*lm*t inna festive stylee seems to have brought
much fun :)

Cheers, helen s