Anybody here ride one? My husband is getting a Switchblade....

Boo-ia! Yes I have rode one, the new Racer-X, and it was easily one of the finest bikes I've ever rode. I was intending to buy one this spring but I couldn't pass up the deal I got on my litespeed.

Here's some background: Titus is located in the super incredible blast furnace of Tempe AZ, so the frames are heat treated during shipping (joke), they have great customer service and even better designs. The shop I live by carries their full line and I belive they produce a superior product. The terrain they are born unto is rocky and technical. The dust here is very demanding on the bikes, and Titus designs the full suspension models with this in mind. I took a tour of their factory and was very impressed with their processes and QC.

I hope this helps you guys, BW.