Tnadem "emerging" cycling sport?????


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Oct 24, 2001
I noticed in recent flyers received at the H to H and the Richeleu 100 that some organisers offer lower entrance fees to tandem riders. I applaud this as this will draw more cyclists in competing in the Tandem category. This will just help to make an "emerging" sport such as Tandem cycling more popular. Other organisers please take note of this. In races like the ARGUS 94,7 and H to H and other we only get one set of numbers, one timing chip and one envelope so why charge us for the duplication.

Big H
Hi Big H,

Check out the entrance fees for tandems on the Vasbyt Classic on 5th April 2003.

For the 170km the entrance fee for a tandem is R80 and single R60.
For the 60km distance the fee for a tandem is R60 and single bike R40.

Both the Richelieu 100 and Vasbyt Classic is organised by Speke Cycling Club and they are trying to promote tandem cycling.

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