To mount airfree tire on rim


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Aug 17, 2003
If you have a friend to help, this method works well:
-apply liberal amount of liquid handsoap to the inner side of the tire.
-at two points secure the tire in the rim with cable ties
-with a screwdriver, or similar, lever a portion the tire into the rim;and hold it in place
-move a few inches away and lever another portion of the tire into the rim
-repeat until the tires is completely mounted on the rim.

If you are working alone:
-lower the tailgate of your pickup
-place the rim on two 4x4 blocks -- one at 9 oclock and one at 3 oclock
-apply liberal amount of liquid hand soap to inner side of tire.
-place tire on rim
-at 9 oclock run a rope through both tire and rim, over the side of the tailgate and tie it to the bumper
-at 3 oclock hook your comealong (or you may use the nylon tape ratchet gizmo that is used to secure loads)
-with comealong stretch the tire
- at places where the tire is in the rim, use cable ties to secure the tire to the rim
-with large screwdriver press a part of the tire onto the rim; and secure with cable tie
--repeat the process until you have mounted the tire on the rim

NOTE Do not be concerned if the tire is not completely seated in the rim. You have lubricated the tire with liquid hand soap. When you ride, your weight will fully seat the tire in the rim. The hand soap will dry to a powder. No problemo.


(I am self-taught so my method may vary from the orthodox.)

There is no need to remove an airfree tire from the rim to install new spokes. There is no air tube to puncture.

-place nipple wrench on the nipple of the broken spoke
-turn the broken spoke to unscrew it from the nipple
-run the new spoke through the proper hole in the hub, and bring the threaded end to the nipple
-bend the spoke just enough to insert the threaded end into the nipple
-lubricate the threaded portion of the spoke with a light grease
-with nipple wrench turn the nipple to tighten the spoke