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Clair Atwell

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What on earth is a Foundational Program??

Could it be your legs? Guess not, legs are not programs!

The program is a 'Foundational Health Program' from Seasilver USA, Inc.

Seasilver® is a whole food (plant-based) nutritional supplement that works in perfect harmony
with Nature.


Some endorsements:

USGFA, 'United States Golf Fitness Association'!

PGFA, 'Professional Golf Fitness Association'!

KOSHER CERTIFIED, 'Kosher Supervision of America'!

Why do we need Seasilver's Foundational Program?

We live in a world where our environment puts stress on our lives. The air we breathe and the water
we drink is impacted by industrial elements. Our vegetables are grown in soils where chemical
fertilization, pest control and weed control impact the vegetables we eat. Many of us choose to
consume more processed foods instead of freshly prepared foods. There has never been a greater need
for a "Foundational Health Program".

Are You Athletic? Are You a Stressed-out Workaholic? Are You a Senior Citizen? ---- Experience
Nature's Power™ ! ----

Tired of swallowing pills?

Want a supplement that tastes good?

Would 1 to 2 ounces per day be a better way?

"Just Try a Bottle"

Risk Free!

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee...

Only $39.95 with Free Shipping

Need more information or ready to give Seasilver® a try: http://www.yourselectone.com/

If you prefer to use your telephone, here is the number: 1-866-205-7567

Presented By: Clair Atwell, from the Keystone State an "Independent Business Associate",
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Thanks for your consideration and please accept the Blessings God offers.....

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