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Discussion in 'Professional Cycling' started by slovakguy, Jul 18, 2010.

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    is brought to you by jens voigt and johan bruyneel. jens hits the point in the article below and j.b. apparently gave voice to this idea in an opinion piece he wrote (i saw it in a video interview with j.b.).

    How Strong is Contador | Bicycling Magazine

    "...about the stage to Mende and his attack. I mean if he hadn't attacked, his teammate Alexander Vinokourov would have won the stage after being out all front all day. But instead he attacked, which killed Vinokourov's chances, and Alberto still only picked up 10 seconds on Andy that day."

    i am amazed that this thickheaded opinion has come back. smacks of bruyneel's criticism of contador for dropping kloden last year. jens and johan, just like last year, the real victory is who pulls on the yellow jersey in paris. so contador "only took 10 seconds out of schleck"? attacks have to gain how much time before you say they are worthy efforts?

    so, jens & johan, thanks for everything, but stfu.

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    agreed. contador didnt know it would amount to 10 seconds when he attacked. for all he knew, it could have been minutes or nothing at all.

    plus, if vino was my teammate, i wouldnt give a rats ass whether or not he could win the stage if i was trying to win the gc. vino would never hold himself to the same standard if he were in the same position.