Tom Bricklebank - World Masters (60-64yrs.) Ind. TT Champ - broken neck!

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    Get Well Soon Tom
    Date Fri 27th Feb 2004
    By Amy Mason
    Earlier this week a car pulled out in front of World Veteran Champion Tom Bricklebank causing him to fly over his handlebars and land on his head resulting in a broken neck. C1, C2, and C3 vertebrae were fractured however incredibly, not only did he survive, he didn’t loose any function in the rest of his body. He is now restrained to a full head and neck brace for 3 months with halo over his head – almost appropriate given the miracle outcome. This unfortunate accident is yet another reminder of how careful we need to be on the roads, watching out for car drivers who clearly don’t see us...

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    Tom Bricklebank is arguably NZ's most accomplished veteran rider - last year he won the World Masters Individual Time Trial Title(60-64 years category).
    The injured vertebrae - C (Cervical) 1, 2 & 3 - no mention here that the helmet did you know what (yet?) - but as has been suggested elsewhere there's the contention that helmet wearing can increase the likelyhood of neck injuries...

    My apologies to Tom for using his misfortune to highlight a drawback of helmet wearing (I am assuming he was wearing one?).