Tomato Wine again

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    This recipe was given to me as a newlywed, over 35+ years ago.
    I have made it twice, exactly as written, and found that it is
    much better as it ages a year or two. It tastes like cream sherry.

    If you have an improvement on the recipe, terrific, but don't
    ask me if it will work--I have no idea!

    Delana's Tomato Wine

    6 lb. sugar
    6 lb. ripe tomatoes, chopped
    1 lb. raisins
    6 oranges, cut up, including skins
    1 gallon boiling water
    1 pkg. yeast

    Mix first five ingredients together in a clean crock or
    food-safe plastic bucket. Let cool to cool lukewarm;
    add yeast and stir well. Cover.

    Stir daily for 15-20 days or until fermentation stops.
    Strain and bottle. Needs no processing when bottled.
    If I recall correctly, it makes ~ 1 1/2 gallons.

    gloria p