Tomorrow AM - low of -4 F. I am SO riding at 4 AM.

Let us be honest CB you and I do not have feelings :) but seriously help save the bandwidth.
It's 19° with a wind chill near 10° and it's snowing. I can't burn calories, but I can get you chip's core temp up another 5° C!

One of these days I'm going to get me some Columbus tubes and build me a brazing jig. I'll spend winters making 'classic' frames from my youth!

Speaking of fleeting youth, I just found out Charlie Siple...the founder of TOSRV...passed away last summer. He, and a very few others like him, kept the flame of cycling burning through that Dark Ages of American bicycling history.

God speed, Charlie!

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How to have fun when not wearing cassettes and chains out...
Couldn't resist...

Stop! It's Hammer Time.

18° with a wind chill of 9° this afternoon when I shoved off for an easy 20 miler. Maydog would have been proud of me! The sun was shining and the roads were dry. Other than being constantly on the lookout for rocks and gravel in the road grit it was actually an enjoyable ride. "enjoyable" I mean it sucked less than, say, being stationary in front of a pile of cardboard boxes.
Fans don't suck!
They blow.

I'm busy working on my floor pump. Pumping is altogether different.
That depends on which side of the fan you're on!

This thread needs moar Gas Blowing Engine!

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Fans don't suck!
They blow.

I'm busy working on my floor pump. Pumping is altogether different.
Had to oil in my floor pump last weekend and glad you mentioned it remind me I need to order some patch kits and tubes.
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Is that a hamme drill she is using?
Yes but not just any old hammer drill... A double speed hammer drill!
6° right now and headed for zero. Wind chill is -8° with the weather tards calling for anywhere from 6" to a foot of snow on Sunday...after freezing rain, ice and snow mix on Saturday.

Yay, Global Warmingâ„¢! To hell with that and all the ******** twits that believe in that fairy dust ********.

21° for a high tomorrow. I might get one more ride in before the glacier covers Ohio.
We're headed for about -15 in my neighborhood tonight. Officially now Detroit's 2nd snowiest winter, we have to get about 14 inches to best the record of 93" in 1890 - and we could get about 8 -9 inches total this weekend.
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"Btw, Campy, very impressive photos. When do you find the time to do all of that?"

Thanks. That's the second barn I've built. I built that one during the winter of 2009-2010...a winter 'almost' as bad as this one!

We had a lot of snow that winter and although it was not as Global Warminglyâ„¢ cold as this winter the weather kept me off the bike a lot! That barn was one of two major after work hobbies and projects I was engaged with along with running a second business and shooting in one indoor 3-position league.

I did not use my rollers very much that winter, but when March came and the weather broke I put down my tools and started pounding out the miles!

We're warming up to 31° today, but there's snow fluuries in the forecast for this afternoon. I might still get out for a short spin of 10-15 miles.

Did you hear anything about the next weather front to come through during the weekend? Something about rain-snow mix on Saturday and snow on Sunday...craptastic! Just what we need!
Just a very little snow here. It is staying mostly south of us. My God, man ... When did you even find time to sleep?
Yeah its a good idea. There's nothing wrong with getting up early to do something you love. Sounds like fun where you are going. The heated coat would be good too.