Tonight: August's NYC Critical Mass Ride [BNC]

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    It's the last Friday of the month again, and as always, we
    are riding our bikes on our streets.

    When: Friday, August 27th, 2004 at 7:00pm
    Where: Union Square, North
    (17th St between Broadway and Park Ave)

    Time to hop on your bikes, skates, scooters, and anything else
    without a motor and take to the streets for a nonpolluting
    celebration! Just like every other month -- but also unlike
    every month. Each ride is what you make it, so in addition
    to your ride, bring your ideas and creations. Or just your
    sweet self.

    Critical Mass, an international event held in almost 400 cities
    around the world, occurs on the last Friday of every month in
    Manhattan when bicyclists spontaneously come together to ride
    the ordinarily car-clogged streets of their cities. Critical
    Mass focuses on the rights of bicyclists and the rights of
    pedestrians to our own streets, and on our rights to free
    speech. It also brings attention to the deteriorating quality
    of life -- starting with the toxic levels of air and noise
    pollution -- that cars create for cities.

    This month there are politicians in town who might not
    appreciate this sort of attention. All are welcome, however,
    provided they show up on bikes, skates, horse-cycles, or
    similarly human-powered devices; and are prepared to experience
    convivial, nonpolluting social space.

    TIME'S UP! encourages people to read, print, and distribute this
    "We're Glad You're Here intro to Critical Mass (PDF file, 62KB)

    TIME'S UP! is hosting a Bike National Convention with more bike
    events. Check it out:

    For more on Critical Mass in NYC:

    And around the world:

  2. Carl Kalman

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    "there are no leaders" is an inadequate attempt to avoid prosecution when
    someone gets hurt or killed.
    Jym is known to the NYPD as the organizer, director of Critical Mass events
    in NYC, and will be held accountable. If you get hurt or arrested on this
    organized event, get good legal representation.
  3. Jym Dyer

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    > Jym is known to the NYPD as the organizer, director of
    > Critical Mass events in NYC, and will be held accountable.

    =v= Really? The NYPD told you this, did they?

    =v= I was unaware that I directed anything, but maybe I was
    volunteered for the job while I was off taking a nap.

    =v= I do own the Brooklyn Bridge (the deed was a steal! --
    long story), and I was happy to let the Mothers Opposed to
    Bush push their strollers across it today. The NYPD went
    out with helicopters, I guess because they thought the
    babies were a menace. Can I hold them accountable for
    annoying peole on my bridge?
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