Tools/Equipment to Bring.


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Apr 2, 2013
What are the minimum tools and/or equipment that should be taken on a road ride. I ask because I recently had both tires go flat and I had nothing on me. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you.


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Sep 16, 2003
There's really no set answer to that, it depends on a lot of things:
  • how intent are you on finishing the ride?
  • can you call someone for pickup, friend or a cab?
  • how do you feel about carrying stuff?

Some really dislike carrying stuff and will either chance it, or rely on calling for help/pickup if something should happen. Some will happily carry a sizeable pack to be able to finish the ride.

As soon as I'm out of walking distance I always carry:
  • one spare tube,
  • tire levers
  • pump
  • self-adhesive patches to deal with a 2nd flat, if needed
  • a small plier, to help remove any penetrating debris
  • chain breaker
  • quick link
  • spare brake cable
  • spare shifter cable
  • a folding multi-tool
  • Some zip ties, a length of duct tape

It all fits in one saddle bag and seems like a reasonable compromise between bulk and self-reliance to me.
Longer rides, I add another tube and spare brake pads.
Maybe even a spare tire.


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Jun 10, 2004
In by seat bag are:
  1. An inner tube
  2. A patch kit (regular ol' glue-ons, not self-adhesive; and although not specifically gluons, there are **** loads of gluons on the interior volume of my seat bag)
  3. 2 tire levers
  4. A piece of Tyvek (used as a tire boot for for those occasions when a tire cut is large enough that the inner tube might poke through)
  5. A bit of cash or a credit card
In one of my back pockets is a mini-tool.


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Sep 12, 2005
Patch kit
Spoke wrench
CO2 inflator
2 tire irons
Park Tool tire boot
Park Tool IB-12 multi-tool

In the jersey: cell phone, micro tire pump and the guy that's pulled my ass out of more hot water than MacGyver...our savior, in whom we trust.