Top 10 Reasons to Lift

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    Here are my top 10 reasons to lift this winter in no particular order.

    1. To be strong.
    Duh! Many practical advantages to being strong.
    2. Novelty
    It'll be fun to do something different for a while.
    3. Correct imbalances.
    4. Change up the diet.
    Enjoy some different foods.
    5. Raise metabolism.
    Stay warmer this winter and control weight w/more lean mass.
    6. Strengthen the bones
    7. Save time
    Workouts are short. No more 5 hour bike rides.
    8. Look good naked.
    Need I say more on this?
    9. A seasonal approach to training
    It's getting too damn cold to ride outdoors and trainer rides suck!
    10. It's low hanging fruit.
    Because I haven't done it in a while, significant gains c/b realized in a short amt of time.