Top 5 Mountain Bike Brands?


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Dec 22, 2020
Well, there are many different "BEST" lists in each price range..
I would classify them like:
Best High-End Mountain Bikes (5k or above)
- Santa Cruz/Ibis
Best Mid-End Mountain Bikes (under 3k)
- YT/Trek/ Santa Cruz/ Giant Stance
Best Budget Mountain Bikes (under 1k)
- Schwinn/Trek/Giant Stance

Maybe my classification isn't quite correct like we can separate in under 5 000, under 3 000, undre 1 000 and under 500 usd bikes. But there is not so not much difference between a $890 and $1220 mountain bikes.
Most review websites do not classify MTB gear by price range, they may compare the high-end Yeti SB130 TURQ that costs about $7 k and mid range Giant Stance in one and the same article. That's what I can't understand...

And that is reffered just to all types of gear; helmets, backpacks, day packs, bladers etc...and all of the review website I found on the web...Shame...

Richard Berry

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Dec 6, 2020
You should keep in mind these things:
  1. Frame- The frame of the full suspension mountain bikes is usually made out of aluminum or carbon material. Both of these materials are strong, durable and rigid promising better platform for the rider. However, Aluminum material frame is usually preferred for long downhill rides by most of the riders. Also, carbon material frames are quite expensive to afford.
  2. Size - The full suspension mountain bikes appear in various range of sizes suitable for men, women and children. It is hence very essential to check the size of the bike, to make sure that it fits you, before you purchase one. You can always try the bike and confirm if it suits you or bring you comfort.
  3. Style- The best full suspension mountain bikes for beginners come in three styles: short, medium and long travel bikes.
The short-travel suspension bikes as the name suggests, are the bikes with short suspension, under 4-inches. These style of suspension bikes are the lightest category suspension bikes and are so efficient which makes it one of the best full suspension mountain bikes for the beginners.

Medium-travel suspension bikes are those bikes with the suspension size in between 4-inches and 6-inches. These full suspension mountain bikes are designed for the riders who enjoy both uphill and downhill rides.

Long-travel suspension bikes are the best mountain bikes for downhill riding. These are the bikes with suspension in between 7-inches and 10-inches. The high-speed stability is a notable feature of these bikes. They easily soak the road shocks along the trails which makes them the perfect riding partner along downhills as well as for freestyle disciplines. However, these bikes keep low-performance along uphill or on flat terrains and are bit heavy compared to other suspension bikes.

Top Five brands in my list include
1. Trek
2. Yeti
3. Schwin
4. Giant
5. Santa Cruz