Topeak Flashstand warning

fat oldy

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Jul 10, 2007
I bought three x Topeak Flashstand bike stands earlier this year. I put my new bikes up on them in a shed for a few months.

I now find that the el-cheapo dip-on rubber material used on the stands have marred the bike finish. See photo

I sent an email to the Australian agent for Topeak, who immediately tried to worm his way out of responsibility by (a) telling me that the stand was not designed for extended use (although nothing to this effect said in the product manual) and (b) telling me to contact the US-based eBay seller for satisfaction (who sent me back to Topeak for warranty issues).

I want to warn people that

1) Topeak do not seem to care about product quality or warranty

2) Their products may damage bikes.

So, once again it's a case of caveat emptor.
Not wanting to poo poo but:

  • A cursory look at the FlashStand product detail on the Topeak website sees it described as a "tune-up stand" (ie: it is designed for use for short periods for repairs). It is not described as a storage stand at all and is not listed amongst their storage stands.
  • If you bought it from a US based ebay seller then how can you expect any support from the Australian distributor? Your sale gave him no profit so why should he bear any responsibility?

If you really want to take it up (and I'm pretty sure you won't have much luck) you will need to talk to the US distributor, since it's the US where you bought it from (unless the seller is selling grey imports himself, in which case good luck!).

By all means buy on-line from overseas if it will save you a few dollars, but don't expect to get any advice on what the product should be used for (as you would have if you had gone to a shop and spoken to a real person) or any after sales service (particularly if you have bypassed the local distributor).

This is not a case of "caveat emptor" but one of "buyer beware".
I have always had good experiences with Topeak products, no complaints and I would recommend them to my friends.
The bottom line is that these bike stands will damage your paintwork if you, like me, use them for an extended period. That's all I want to say.