Torino Six-Day - Final

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  1. Villa-Quaranta racked up their third win in this summer event having won
    previously in 2001 and 2002.

    1 Marco Villa (Ita) - Ivan Quaranta (Ita) +0 giri 194 punti
    2 Martin Liska (Svk) - Jozef Zabka (Svk) +0 143
    3 Sebastian Donadio (Arg) - Daniel Schlegel (Ger) +1 188

    Along with Liska-Zabka, Villa-Quaranta stole a lap on the final day and
    went on to victory courtesy of their points lead.

    The Summer season wraps up with a three day event, the Tre Giorni Città
    di Pordenone on the Tave Bottecchia Memorial Velodrome in Pordenone
    starting Wednesday.

    In answer to a couple of queries posted by visitors to my Six-day site:

    The lap gaps tend to be closer because the tracks used in Summer events
    are usually outdoors and mostly 400 meter asphalt or concrete arenas, or
    2.5 trips to the klick.

    It simply isn't as easy to gain or lose a lap on a longer track compared
    with say Gent/Gand which is a six trips to the klick indoor 166.67 meter
    steeply banked widowmaker.

    And on the scores; with longer laps, there simply are not as many opportunities
    for the organizers to include points/primes events.