Torn between two nice bikes, need advice.


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Dec 25, 2017
Hey there, everyone! I am looking to buy a hybrid bike and I found two great options on my local CL in my size and budget, a practically new Trex 7100 Multitrack (bought in May from local bike shop, with paperwork and owner's manual) or a Giant TranSend DX that is not new but has a rack, fenders, and lights already installed and upgraded pedals, and has been recently regreased.

They both seem like solid bikes and both would suit my needs. The Trek would need the rack and lights, etc. added on but that one is a little cheaper and I could pick out my own aftermarket stuff with the money I save, whereas the Giant is ready to go as-is and I wouldn't need to do anything to it. Which would you guys go with?
This is hardly something to ask for opinions on. The most important thing about a bike is its fit. Other than that it's all in your own taste.
I would stay away from any sub $800 bike that has a suspension fork! On lower costing (below $500) bikes those forks are very problematic, plus they weigh a ton, they don't really work for the intended purpose because the rebound rate is poor, they take more watts from you to pedal the bike with because they absorb some of your watts, the cost of the suspension fork forces the bike manufacture to cheapen the frame and components to make a certain price point, so not only do you get a crappy fork but so is the frame and components. If you're not going be doing fast downhill racing which is what a suspension fork is designed to do, but a low end suspension fork won't be able to do that anyways, then find a bike with a rigid fork and save yourself all the headaches.
Since what we are saying here is about the type that you will take, I would have to suggest you go with the one that has got cheaper things to be added on for that is the one which won't take you much expenses when you have repairs to do. I am saying so out of experience and I hope you make this right choice on going with such bike and save some stress.
If those are your two choices, I'd go for the Trex 7100 Multitrack simply because it's relatively new and still has its paperwork and owner's manual. In addition, you can also personally add the other installations based on your preference.
Some of the things I can tell you is to consider the price, what suits your taste in terms of style and perhaps the speed of the bike.
In you choices, I would go for the Giant.