Torque spec for vintage campy cartridge bottom bracket


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Apr 19, 2004
I'm about to install an early 90s Campy Record cartridge bottom bracket. Unlike modern ones the cartridge bearings are external and replaceable, and the drive side cup has no flange. It is much more like a Phil Wood bracket than a modern Campy Record square shaft.

With regard to the bottom bracket cups, Park tools list 612 inch pounds as the torque for a 3 piece cartridge Campy BB. Phil Wood on the other hand lists about 300 inch pounds. Does anyone know the correct torque specification?
Flanged or flangeless, most appear to be marked 70 Nm or 51 Ft. Lbs. The 612 In. Lbs. would appear to be correct. I have always tried to stay under max. torque and use clean threads with Loctite blue thread locker.

Park Tool states 360 In. Lbs. / 30 Ft. Lbs. for the lock ring, which should be sufficient to keep it from backing off. Again, I use Loctite on those threads.