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Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Steven C. Hodge, Mar 26, 2003.

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  1. a&b and I plan to do the double metric TOSRV out of Cairo Ga on 4/12-13 and wondered who else might
    be along. I noted one Floridian in the Bike Fla thread who is coming. Any comments as to terrain? I
    expect flat/rolling but was curious. Have wanted to do this for past three yrs but something always
    came up. Steve (Rotator Pursuit) [+ a&b (Aero)].

  2. Shwackman

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    HI Steve, I'm gonna have to skip it this year, but I have been for the last three,and it is a GREAT
    night out. We do the 65 from Cairo too, brought a gang of four recumbents from Pensacola last year,
    had a great time. I would recommend sleeping in a tent out in the soccer field at the high school if
    you plan on camping. Sleepin in the gym will work, but there's a lot of snorers, and VERY hard
    floors. Food is very good, and lots of unsuspecting wedgie men to toy with..enjoy!
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