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    The 2010 Tour of the Scioto Valley River took place last weekend. This was the first time I have participated and in short it was windy. We took off Saturday and had a 25 mile an hour WSW gusting up to 45 heading south the Portsmouth from Columbus OH. It was 113 miles of slow going, the only thing keeping me going was the thought of riding back with a tailwind on Sunday. I was wrong, the wind switched and we had a cold N wind at 15 MPH back to Columbus on Sunday. All in all it turned out to be more of a mental test for me than a physically demanding test of endurance. As much as I wanted to just stop and quit it was one of the most gratifying century rides I have done. The tour itself was very well run and took a low traffic route south through Ohio. I recommend this ride for anyone looking to get early miles in next year. I was wondering what other people thought of the 2010 tour or what other tours like this take place around the mid-west this summer.

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    Wow, a long ride like that in those conditions is something to be proud of. :cool:

    Good for you!