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  1. Saturday we introduced our nephew to mountain biking with Aunty Linda
    and Uncle Rog. He's only 17 months old, so we had to borrow his Mum's
    bike, as it has the baby seat. This seat is mounted in front of the
    rider, Linda. Apparently this makes for a more stable ride, but neither
    of us had ever ridden with a kid, so who knows?

    The ride was tame. The passenger antics were hilarious. Every once in
    while a foot would come up and kick the handlebar. Or a little hand
    would reach out and try and shift a gear. I even heard Linda riding
    along going "no pinching, No Pinching, NO Pinching". Occasionally a
    little head would grow out of Linda's armpit as the little guy looked
    back at me. The funniest part though was when he was playing with
    Linda's legs. On the upstroke, while she was pedalling, he would be
    trying to push her leg DOWN, before it came over the top. Made for some
    interesting riding... especially the bow legged style of riding with
    that carrier. Every once in a while Linda got clobbered as a little
    helmet came flying backwards. Lots of fun though. We even saw horses and
    a garter snake! Very exciting, don't you know...

    Sunday I was Marshalling at a race. I was at the bottom of a downhill
    twisty, and my job was to make sure that cars and riders didn't collide.
    Had two cars stop, right on the crossing, to ask me what I was doing. I
    told them I was there to make sure they didn't stop on the race
    course... which is why I kept waving them along. Talked with lots of
    riders, and spectators. Had one rider crash right at my feet. The crash
    even had the commentary of the French mother, with the three young
    daughters going "OOOOoooohhhhhhhhhh!" as the rider came tumbling along.

    All in all a good bike related weekend!
    - Rog

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