Total newbie saying hi and asking for help

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Penny S.

Gouge Away wrote:
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>> I sure hope that shop #1 isn't ordering something in for you. Personally I think that's a lousy
>> way to treat a shop that you may want to have a relationship with in the future. Price while a
>> very important factor is not everything. The least you can do is take them a box of bakery goods
>> and buy some decent accessories there.
>> Penny
> Yeah, I agree. That weighed on my consciousness for quite a few days. Strange that it would,
> seeing as I sell cars for a living and people do that to me all the time. However, I have decided
> to buy the bike from them after all, so everybody is happy. I liked the baked goods suggestion,
> though. Cheers, G

I really did that... showed up with a box of a dozen assorted goodies on a day when they were so
busy no one had lunch.

they really like me down there now.

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