Tough Decisions


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Jun 15, 2012
So I work at a bike shop which for me means 50% off all equipment and I pay the price of the bike out of the manufacturing which can be a big discount, but heres my delima. The shop I work for sells only Fuji and Specialized bikes and I cant decide between the Specialized Allez compact 2013 which with my discount is only $500 or I can ask for my boss to order me a Fuji Roubiax 3.0 and im not 100% sure what my discount on that would be. The only thing stopping me from buying the Fuji is that im about 2 days away from being able to buy an Allez, and im very anxious to start riding and I don't know if it'd be a better idea to save a little longer for the Fuji. Please help a newbie out!

thanks a ton love you all<3