Tour D'Durban



Anyone else doing the Tour D'Durban? Anyone done it? Any advice? Weather report for tomorrow re cricket in Durban: Temp possible high 30s with high humidity! ::) Tour is on 28 April. Is it cooler in Durbs by then? I reckon it was the high humidity combined with the high temp in Cape Town for the Argus that screwed things for a lot of us Transvaalers! :'(
Yep, I'm in. Never done it before, but I believe it's moderately tough. I love KZN races. Hopefully the weather plays along.
I'll be in SA for 10 days and will be doing the Tour of Durban (on my mountain bike nogal - no space to take the racing bike with and the mountain bike is gathering dust in Jhb).

Did the Tour D'urban once before - if the route is the same it's not too bad. Some undulating bits but no Ou Kaapse's.

Warm up properly cos it's little bumpy climbs from the start. There is a tough but short climb past the sharks board near the finish and then a long fast run in to the stadium. If you're in with a shout for the sprint make sure you're through the final laft corner in the first 3!

The heat and humidity is going to kill me after a british winter!
Eldron. Way to go! ;D Thanks for the info. Look out for an old guy with a beard in a "Mean Machine" road shirt and say "Hi"! ;)
VO2. I'll look out for the "Yellow Peril! ;D (You had me with your April 1 re Lance. Bad for my HR! :eek: Particularly as I only read it today, 3rd!! ::))
Old Timer, we keep missing each other. Maybe we should make a point of meeting this time.
Old Timer - I'm sure I've seen you in a few races. Not too many bearded riders around!!

How about we meet up and the beers are on me! I sampled some REAL Guiness in Ireland last week and am hooked. Creamy and loaded with carbs - my carbohydrate loader of choice now!
Doing it as well. I just hope I don't suffer to much. Good on you Eldron, hope I see you there. Look for the guy in the orange Edenvale Pedlars shirt and the yellow Bianchi bike. Vo2 and Old Timer, I hope I see you guys as well. ;D
The seedings are now on the Tour D'Durban site I've got a "J". Latest Ride magazine has an article on the course. I'll probably drive round the course on the Saturday after registration. ;)
That's it - I'm going to throw my toys. For the first time in 3 years I get no beloved A number at the Tour of Durban. I copped a D.

Guess I should have raced in SA in the last year and not entered on my mountain bike ;)

Does anyone know if all the MTB'ers are starting together?
Aren't the KZN races just awesome? The G-group that I started in stayed together in a nice bunch for most of the way and pulled me along nicely. The H-bunch leaders caught our group round about Verulam, and lo and behold, who do I see but ewep! Ewep, I sat in the same group as you did for most of the way, and I knew that if I stuck to it, I could get between a 3:05 to 3:10. With about 20k's to go, I suddenly started feeling nauseas. I tried my best to stay with the guys, but they soon spat me out at the back. From there on I slowed down and struggled to a 3:20. I'm happy with my time, but would of liked to have a 3:06, like ewep.
The weird thing is that I did no preparation for this race. I even had a big steak the night before! ;D
:) Hi Guys! Well done VO2 - you overcame the nausea and did a great time! I only noticed this post now, AFTER the tour :)

I had a magic ride! The start was as expected, a shock :eek: with the undulating hills, but once the legs got going, it got better... and you can't but enjoy a race that goes through such scenic places - I LOVE riding and seeing the sea!
The last 10km were wonderful and speedy, and I came in fast and strong! Finished in 3:27 and I was very happy with my time, as this is my "off season" and I'm not training hard anymore. The weather was perfect, and even though it was hot before the Sharks board hill, it was nothing like Ou Kaapse Weg! ;)
Eldron, how did it go, with the change in climate for you? And how was the mountain bike? Did it help on the hills?
Old Timer, did you enjoy it? Better than the Argus heat?
Ewep, did you see VO2?
All in all, it was a perfect ride and I'll be back for more!
What's next on the calendar? ;) ;D :)
Elsa, if you loved the TdD, I suggest you do the Amashova aswell. It runs along the Comrades Marathon route from PMB to Durbs. Awesome race!
Hi All, well done to everybody that finished this hard race, I loved every minute of it. Even though I am not on form as I should be I still managed to finish in 2:30. I started in the Licensed group $ and as expected the attacks came from the start, from either Microsoft Team and HSBC which were the big contenders, My team helped to set me up for the first Hotspot, with 300m to go I followed Alwyn Scheepers into the sprint but I did not look to the right where 3x Microsft riders followed by Malcom Lange attacked for the hotspot, it was very close and I managed only a 5th on the line, after that the race got harder and I got bike trouble just after halfway, My team Leader Glen Campbell did a great ride and finished 8th with a 2:16. So I just want to congratulate the Jobmates team on a good ride and best of luck for forture rides!
Excellent ride Cosmos! Congrats on a great time! It's good to know we have some Licensed riders on the forum. You guys really know how to put the hammer down.
Well done once again!
Thank you very much VO2! It is good to be here. I have found that there are way to may Licensed riders that is riding with the wrong intension and is not a role model. I really feal for cycling to grow in our country we need just that! Our Licensed and Pro-Elite riders should promote the sport by helping other riders not as good or still novices! I got in the sport 8years ago at the age of 16 thanks to Owen Hannie. That is someone to look upto. So if anyone needs advice or have questions be sure I'll be watching the forum! Regards Cosmos
Well Done Cosmos, Well Done Cosmos, Well Done Cosmos, we're very proud of you! :) (add tune to theme song here)

Really, welcome to the board and we'll look forward to your postings. We're all at different fitness levels, but we all have one thing in common:


Thank you very much Elsa!!! Its nice to meet everyone, and I feel home already. You are right cycling is awesome and the more we support each other the better it will get. Even the most experienced riders can still learn a trick or two on their day. Best of luck with your future races looks like you might do the Amashova race? I agree with Vo2 it is a very nice race to do! Only the start is a little hectic :)