Tour de Eden


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Apr 19, 2002
Hey Everybody,
The official launch of the tour will take place in J'Burg on the 25th of July at Gold Reef City. There will also be a launch in Cape Town on the 23rd. Hopefully we will have it on TV news, will keep you posted for the dates. We have obtained two half hour slots on Supersport in October and the tour will be covered during these two time slots, so come on guys get your entry forms from Frieda or Fred at 0833784171 or e-mail: [email protected]
We will keep you posted with more info... :p :p :p Remember, vets, ladies and open mixed teams may enter. If you do not want to do the tour, you can enter one of the 4 races on the last day of the tour.
??? ??? What happened to the junior race ??? ???
a lot of licensed junior were wanting to ride the tour which you advertised as having a junior sections (bring the junior race back)