Tour de France 2002


Aug 11, 2001
It's almost a given that LA will wear the Mailot Jaune when the peleton enters Paris, but apart from LA, who else will feature in this years Tour? I reckon Oscar Sevilla will be right up there. Whatya guys and gals say?
well i think O.N.C.E will be the team to challenge USPS.
They have beloci,Olano,Igo gonzalez.

Podium Challengers

1. Lance Armstong
2. Beloki : Sevile
3. Christoph Moro - cant spell ;)

Wildcard: Igor Gonzals

I think Tyler hamilton and Cadel evens could be futur GC Contenders ;D
Riders that may challenge Lance:

Levi Leipheimer
Igor Gzl. Galdeano
Raimondas Rumsas (I wish)
Roberto Heras (if they'd let him)
David Moncoutié and Andrei Kivilev both from Cofidis
Kelme boys Botero nan Sevilla

I also wish that Piotr Wadecki (Pol/DOMO) would have a good race and gets into top 10 on the GC. He has shown some promise after finishing 2nd overall in the Tour of Switzerland(HC)

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