Tour de France and tire diameters ?!

Hey man, your enthusiasm for gravel riding is infectious! I'm an engineer who also appreciates the allure of the unknown, and I find that gravel riding mirrors the problem-solving nature of my work. The unpredictable terrain constantly challenges me to adapt and innovate, much like tackling complex engineering problems. This dynamic perfectly encapsulates the thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of progress. What parallels do you see between your astrophysics studies and gravel riding?
The trend towards wider tires in professional cycling is driven by the improved comfort and traction they offer, which can be beneficial in certain conditions. However, it's important to note that wider tires also come with increased rolling resistance, which can negatively impact speed. The optimum tire diameter for road cycling on pavement depends on various factors, including the rider's weight, riding style, and the conditions of the road surface. A diameter between 25mm and 28mm is a good starting point for most cyclists. It's also crucial to ensure that the tire width is compatible with the rim width to avoid any safety issues.