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Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Tom I, Mar 3, 2003.

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  1. Tom I

    Tom I Guest

    I will be in France at the end of the Tour and was hoping to see one of the road stages in the
    southwest part of the country -- after the Pyrannies [?] but before the final individual time trial.
    I've been to the Tour site, and they have some helpful but brief information on the towns on the
    route. When are the actual roads taken released? Are those generally available on the Internet or
    would I have to phone the Societe'?


    Tom Ihlenfeldt St. Paul, Minnesota [email protected]

  2. Ctrdy01

    Ctrdy01 Guest


    It will be end of May at the earliest before the final official itinerary is released. The
    organisation of the Tour has to go over each road and inspect it (mind you ; not necessarily repair
    it...just inspect!). It can be as late as first week of June or so.
    - Chris - Sport Vacations (Multisport, Cycling,
    Marathons, etc...)
Thread Status:
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