TOUR DE FRANCE Randonnée...



Ride all the mountain stages of the 2002 Tour de France!. Follow the links from the left of the page, under, "Randonnees".
My questions being: Where in the Western Cape can I find big/long/steep hills to train on. ???
Any suggestions on endurance traing for such an event?

Thank you ;D
No amount of 'recreational' training can prepare you for ALL the mountain stages of the TdF.
That you have to be fit is no maybe. Depending on your current base fitness level, you'll have to concentrate on your climbing abilities.

The Outenikqwa Pass just outside George is the closest you'll get to a Col in the TdF, imo.

Been there, done that..... the Outeniqua Pass ;D. I got the "T-Shirt", but threw it away, to much pain and grief SOB!. :( If the TdF is like that, me no want to go. Maybe as a recreational ride, but NOT as a race!