Tour de Lesotho



This is being held on the 13th April 2002 with special accommodation packages for all riders and their supporters.
Word of caution: Don't take this race up lightly! Those mountains passes have seen a few pro's dismount and walk!
I'm contemplating in joining the action! :p :-X
For those who believe that cycling does exist in-between the Argus and the Highveld 94.7 , the Tour de Lesotho seems to offer a more than interesting challenge for those willing to take something new on. I heard about the event last year and am thinking about entering this year.

The comments on the entry form are a bit scary though:

God Help Me Pass is the toughest mountain I've ever faced"[Douglas Ryder]

"The toughest One-day Cycle Race I've ever won" [Maclolm Lange]

Anyone done this before ? Is it really that tough ? Let me know what I'll be letting myself in for.
More information on the event is available on-line. Pop me an email if you need the web address.
??? Any ideas if any special gearing is required for this ? I've never climbed on anything bigger than a 39x23, even at the Ride for Victory, but I'm sure I'll either have to change chainrings or get a 25 sprocket ?
god it must be steep ;D does anyone know what % the average grade is?

It sure does look Steep  :eek: !!!

I've scanned the route profile from the Entry Form so that you can get some kind of idea (looks like a Col Stage in the Tour de France).

Don't know what the average gradient is, but it's being billed as "Africa's Toughest Cycle Challenge in the Mountain Kingdom". That's why I'm asking all these questions  :-/ .

:-[ Sorry guys, the URL where I have the file doesn't seem to allow you to view it (don't know why). I've emailed the file to STEVE and I've asked him to fix it up. Then again, it might well mean "Do Not Enter" the race as Pothole's mentioned....
than on second thought....... we all are suckers for punishment. If Pro's walk up this hill, think about the "HIGH" when you get to the top without walking. Seeing that this look like a killer I suggest this. Dont spend money on a 25 back chainring, but rather change your clip-on pedals for the "1960's" pedals and leave your Time-Pro's at home and use the old addidas tekkies. The advantages is unlimited (a) You'll walk faster ;D;D;D(b) When the other roadies pass you, they'll feel sorry for this "beginner-poor guy" ;D ;D ;D (c) Dont make remarks when they pass ;D ;D ;D
My advice is DO IT!

I did in 2001 and it was the greatest cycling achievement of my life (and the most painful).

Confession time: I used a 13-26 rear and 53/39 front and walked about 100m on blue mountain pass. I was about 3/4 up and my legs just couldn't turn the pedals anymore - it's so steep you can't get into a rythm and end up doing 50cm 'pulses' rather than a constant speed.

To give you an idea of my level - 2001 & 2002 Argus 2:54, 94.7 2:42, Hyper to Hyper 2:12

I thought I'd battle but not walk - how humbling life is!! The worst part is none of my team mates walked! The embarrassment was horrific....
Umm that's 2000 & 2001 Argus - I'm gonna miss the 2002 version. Stuck in a British ice land....
Thanks Eldron. I think I'll take your advice and try to make this one of my accomplishments.

But first I'm going to take on another real challenge - organising a SA passport.... :mad:
OK, so now I've entered for the race, but where the heck do I stay? Big-Mig, where can I get info on the special accommodation packages?
The Lesotho Sun is doing special packages but will probably be booked up. I stayed at a guest house in uh oh the name is gone... Ladybrand? It was about an hour's drive to the start (including 10 minutes at the border).

To all who are doing it - enjoy the chalenge - I'm ultimately jealous....if you see my fiance give her a push please (on her back! If your hands slip to her bum I'm gonna come klap you hehehehe).
The Lesotho Sun web site address is:

They were advertising acommodation on the Entry Form @ R590 for cyclists and R650 for non-cyclists. This is excellent value for money, but as Eldron said, wonder if they still have any rooms left.

Don't know of any other places to stay in this region, hope this will help.
Eldron, I think I'll be needing the push!

Sheez, R590 + R650 for one night is heavy, imo. :eek:
The registration is at 17:30 on the Friday. What happens if I only get there at, lets say, 20:00? Anyone know?

Correction: Sorry. The R590 is for 2 nights including breakfast and dinner. Thats reasonable!
I drove through late on Friday night and picked up my number on the morning of the ride (they might have changed registration for this year though).

It is a fairly small race so it's a bit more personal - none of the serious queues (?) and jostling for position....
hmmm, anyone know a good psychiatrist? People I know reckon you battle to get over the Blue Mountain pass in a car!

I'm leaving the Bianchi at home this time. The OCR3 with it's triple chain ring will have to help me over this one. :eek:
tripple chain ring on a road bike? thats for kids :D ;) :), so how many degrees and how long is the climb?. i love climbs :) the more painfull the better :)