Tour Down Under


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Aug 11, 2003
Who's goin to win this one?

LANCE ARMSTRONG TO RACE AT 2009 TOUR DOWN UNDER September 2008 The Tour Down Under in Adelaide attracts some of the biggest names in world cycling. And there's no bigger name than Lance Armstrong who in 2009 will compete in Australia for the first time in his comeback race. Don't miss this opportunity to see the seven time Tour de France winner doing what he does best. Lance Armstrong has confirmed that he will make his official comeback to road cycling racing at the 2009 Tour Down Under. His return to professional cycling aims to raise awareness of the global cancer burden. A cancer survivor and record breaking cyclist, Lance Armstrong is the seven times winner of the Tour de France, winning the race between 1999-2005, before retiring from the sport in 2005.
JAPANic said:
Who's goin to win this one?
It won't be Armstrong, he won't even be close.
This will be purely a training and promotional race for him.
It's harder this year due to doing old willunga hill twice in the one day.

Last year, Greipel won with ease.

I would say maybe Adam Hansen or Simon Gerrans as far as the locals are concerned.

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