Tour of California Grassy Knoll Recap - 1540 photos and videos

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    All eight days are now documented and the timelines have been adjusted
    to account for differences in camera times. All stages have been
    recently updated:

    Some obversations:
    * There are a lot of damn good "amateur" photographers out there!
    * It's very cool seeing a moment in time captured by sometimes 3 or 4
    different people from different angles.
    * More video than expected was submitted. (Tip: you can find only the
    video clips by deselecting 'photos' in the storyboard filter and then
    clicking 'Create Gallery')
    * This citizen journalism project was a topic of conversation at the
    event among the top organizers, the pros, the press and other
    photographers. I got a lot of big grins from the pros but the
    organizers see it as a threat to their television rights and I may have
    trouble getting media credentials again.
    * As my wife said, "it's better to be controversial than boring!"

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