Tour of flanders - paris roubaix vacation: $3300 all-inclusive

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May 4, 2011
Hello people,
I don't want to flood the forum to much with advertisement. So i let you know upfront we at BelgiumBike are the people organizing this vacation. But i felt it would be useful to let you know since we are a bit different than other travel agents. We are just cyclist that want to go to the Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix. We want to ride our bikes but not go on a full blown training camp. We like to sleep in and have a drink in the night scene of Antwerp or go for a brewery tour. So we offer an amazing balance between vacation, fun and cycling. Following is the email we send out to our customers.
Groups of 10-20 can have their own custom program and transportation.

Thank you

April 1-April 10 2017 Are the last days of Tom Boonen cycling career. That is why I am going back to Belgium to watch it with you. These 10 days I will guide you around my home country. You will ride our roads, drink our beers and watch our classics live.
Belgian Bike Experience is the perfect balance between vacation, cycling, eating, drinking, shopping, culture and enjoying Belgium.
We will not rush you out of bed for a cold bike ride. Maybe it's cold but at least we let you get over your Leffe hangover before the cobbles get you!

1) Saturday:
Pickup at airport Brussels or Dusseldorf. Hotel checkin in Antwerp with lunch and briefing. Putting bikes together.
2) Sunday:
Tour of Flanders!!!
We will have breakfast and watch the start in Antwerp.
Our Team bus will take us the the VIP party with BBQ and LIVE band next to the course. From here we can ride 45-60min on our bikes to some of the famous hills. When we come back we can refresh on the bus and watch the rest of the race at the VIP location. We end the night in a nice hotel in the city of Gent...

3) Monday:
As you noticed by now, we do not ride the Tour on Saturday with all the crazy tourists. We ride it on monday the day after you watched and learned how it's been done. The bus leaves from Gent and drops us off back later on that day.

4) Tuesday:
We will take the Team bus to Ieper where we visit the World War 1 museum, trenches and WW1 & WW2 cemeteries. This day is great for relaxing, having a beer, shopping, ...

5) Wednesday:
We will be sleeping in my hometown Grobbendonk / Herentals.
A famous cycling hotspot where many pro's are born and train.
This will be the last day Tom Boonen will race in Belgium.
The Scheldeprijs, a race i have participated myself will be our destination of the bike ride that day. Follow me on my old training course and ride next to the racers when they come by. We will watch this race at different points on the local laps. The day will end with a visit to Antwerp and back to our hotel in Grobbendonk.

6) Thursday:
In the morning there is an opportunity to get lactate threshold testing done with my coach, Sport Doctor Peter Vervoort. This test is to be paid separately. You can also go on a easy bike ride or visit Herentals/Lier by bike. In the afternoon we will be visiting world's fastest clothing company Bioracer. In the evening between 6pm-8pm we will be racing our bikes down the car race track of Zolder. Also famous for it's cyclocross races and world championships. When people are done with work they team up here against the Pro's that visit the race circuit for late night training.

7) Friday:
By the end of the week we need to celebrate our victories.
Friday will be the day we visit breweries, monasteries and bars.
But we will be doing that on our bikes, just in case followed by the bus.
It is also a good day for shopping and celebrate till late night!

8) Saturday:
Paris Roubaix challenge...
Yes, we are riding the cobbles like you have never felt it before.
With the finish in the Velodrome and a cold shower in the stables.
Just like the pro's but maybe a bit slower because of Friday
A good night rest in Kortrijk will be greatly appreciated.

9) Sunday:
The classic Paris Roubaix will be viewed by you right on the course!
Once they have passed by we will watch the finish at a local bar.
That evening we will pack our bags and celebrate our last night in Belgium/ Kortrijk.

10) Monday:
We send you back over the Ocean or maybe on your way to another part of Europe. Amsterdam, London, Paris, ...

-This trip is all inclusive with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
-2 people sleep per room. For a separate room there will be a $450 charge.
- we suggest to bring your own bike, but rentals are available.
- Sport Massage, lactate threshold test, coaching, chiropractic visits are all available. You will just be charged transportation if needed and the cost of the service.

As you know we are a group of friends traveling and having the experience of a lifetime. We are a relaxed group of adults that can change some plans if needed. When you bring your family we can plan a couple separate activities.

Base Price: $3300
[email protected]
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Dec 5, 2018
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Giá : 190.000VND / bộ
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