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    First of all please let me apologize if posting this sort of thing in
    this newsgroup is not appropriate. I simply wish to reach as many people as
    I can. I do appreciate you taking time to read this note.

    This fall I will join the Bristol-Myers Squibb Tour of Hope by
    participating in the Washington, DC fundraising ride and would like
    support. Each participant will cover their own expenses which means
    all of the funds raised -100% - during the Tour of Hope ride will
    benefit cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation. To
    more, visit and be sure to make the Promise,
    personal commitment to help yourself and others learn more about this
    life-threatening disease. By making the Promise, you can honor a loved
    one who has been touched by cancer and show your support for the
    importance of cancer research.

    I am dedicated to this cause because cancer is a disease which touches
    nearly everyone. By increasing awareness of clinical trials and
    funds to support cancer reseach it is my hope that we can help extend
    enhance the life of a friend or loved one.

    Each rider must commit to raising a minimum of $500 for cancer
    in order to participate in the Tour of Hope Washington, DC ride. To
    me go the distance for cancer research, please visit
    to make a tax deductible contribution with your credit card. You can also
    donate via check by sending it with my rider number (200157222) in the
    memo field and enclosing a copy of the attached sponsor ticket to:

    Lance Armstrong Foundation - Tour of Hope
    Lock Box 37
    San Antonio, TX 78291

    (Please note that donations via check may take up to 3 weeks to

    Thank you! I appreciate your help. Cancer research is worth the ride!

    Brian Esche (please change the obvious character to e-mail)