Tour Of Langkawi (Malaysia)


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Sep 22, 2003
For anyone in the US, is the Tour of Langkawi being televised by any cable channels? Thanks
Seems like OLN has televised it the last few years...although a month or so after the actual event. They usually put all the stages into a one hour show that covers the highlights of the race. They usually run it on multiple occasions. I'm not sure about this year but I hope they do. keep checking their web site.
If you cannot get it then get a satellite dish or you'll miss some great cycling.
oh my god...
i think that you all can see tour de Langkawi live...
because the comentators said 600 thousand will see the tour...
You all have come to Malaysia...
come in laaa...
I will wait for you all
here many places you can visit as you can see in LtdL
opsss wrong information...
the truth is 600 million around the world televised LtdL

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