Tour of Missouri pics


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Jul 27, 2006
What a blast. Perfect weather. Didn't like how they had the start/finish set up, last year it was a few blocks further up and there was plenty of room and there were jumbotrons so you could see the race. This year it was squeezed in to a much narrower section, and one half of the course was right up against a huge flower/shrub bed. They made comments over the loudspeaker about people standing in it (guilty as charged) but maybe you shouldn't put the finish line in a flower bed. :confused: It's a big city. lol

Part of the time we watched from the Hilton and could see them going past the stadium...and they had it on TV inside, so we could watch parts of it in the air-conditioning.

Anyway, Cavendish won. Big surprise!!! :p Had a great view. It was a lot of fun.
Nice website has all the daily results and photos. Sad to see Cav had to drop out yesterday with some kind of infection after winning two stages.
Dave Z wins the time trial! And gets the yellow jersey.

Yeah, sucks that Cav got sick, lung infection. Welcome to Missouri!! Probably started with a ragweed attack.

So yeah, Cav's out, and Vande Velde went out the other day with a broken wrist. Bummer. Glad they had the start in STL instead of the finish this year!
Yeah, I grew up in STL and went to school at Rolla. Great to see some of the world's best cyclists competing in my old stomping grounds.