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  1. John Lynch

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    Bicycle Tour Sales What I am looking for is true bicycle touring enthusiasts to talk to and bring to
    the attention of other enthusiasts a ten day tour by bicycle in South Africa. Please take a look at
    my web site Right now and for the last year I have organized these
    excursions on an every other month basis to work out all the bugs. Now I would like to set up tours
    of at least two every month with additional tours of the Cape Town area to be added. I do not
    believe in the "hard sell" but if you can develop interest and make referrals I am willing to pay a
    10% commission or $ 340.00 for each successful referral you make. Please respond to
    [email protected] perhaps you can tell me a little about yourself please include contact
    information {e mail and phone} as I will be calling back everyone who expresses an interest

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.