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Who thinks Mario Cipolini should be going to the Tour, I missed him last year and think he should have been included. I'm not too bothered about Marco Pantani's non selection. He's been told that they may let him ride if he wins the Giro d'Italia (bit like telling Cipo that he can ride if he wins the King of the Mountains!)

Question: What would Pantani have to do, not to be selected for the Giro d'Italia?
Cippo is pro cycling's glamour boy, and the Tour does itself no favours by excluding him. At least Zabel and the boys will have more competition. Il 'Pirata caused himself alot of damage the past two years or so, but I'm still a fan of his climbing ability and think that his team should've been selected. Mercatone Uno will at least have outstaged some of the smaller French teams that were included in the selection for this year.

As for the Giro, MP will have to ride like he has never riden before. If not, I'm afraid he won't see another mountain in France on a bicycle again.
I doubt either of them will be in the TDF, its even more doubtful that one of them could end up on the podium.

For the next week if Marco's sirname appears in the forum it will be replaced by; 'The Junkie'
Jan's will be replaced by; 'The Drunk'
Chippos will be replaced by 'The **** King'

We wont pick on lance cause hes going to win the TDF yet again  ;D

Pantani recommended for 4 years suspension by CONI
The anti-doping commission of the Italian Olympic Committee has recommended that Marco Pantani be suspended for four years for doping offences. CONI has passed on its recommendations to the Italian Cycling Federation, who earlier this week declared that Pantani would be allowed to race in the Giro d'Italia, no matter what the outcome of the investigation was.

The basis for the proposed sanction is the syringe of insulin allegedly found in Pantani's hotel room at the time of the police raids on the Giro d'Italia last year in San Remo. Pantani at first denied that he had occupied the room, therefore the syringe couldn't have been his. However at the hearing on Monday, he modified his story, saying that he did occupy that room but did not know that it contained a syringe of insulin.

"I'm sure, absolutely sure, that the things which were found in my room weren't mine. My conscience is clear," he said.

The commission's president Giacomo Aiello said afterwards that he would not recommend an immediate suspension until more information was known. This changed yesterday with the four year ban recommendation, which if imposed by the FCI could mean the end of Pantani's career.

In April, the commission recommended bans for 13 Italian cyclists, based on the outcome of the Giro raids. However six of these were cleared because the drugs in their possession (mainly caffeine) were restricted, and not banned outright. Insulin too is a restricted substance, and is only allowed for diabetic athletes, of which Pantani is not.

Pantani will start in the Giro, but his fate after that remains up in the air.

Ullrich loses his licence
Jan Ullrich has temporarily lost his driver's licence, after being penalised for leaving the scene of an accident on Tuesday night. A story in today's Bild reports that Ullrich was driving his Porsche 911 in the company of his Telekom teammate Alexandre Vinokourov and two girls, when he hit a rack containing two bicycles near Freiburg. He drove off, but the number of his car was noted by a witness, who reported it to police. They discovered it was Ullrich, and took away his licence as well as ordering him to take a blood test.

Ullrich's team manager Rudy Pevenage confirmed that he had previously drunk several glasses of wine, putting this down to his frustration over his long injury. "Such behaviour from the leader of our team is not acceptable," said Pevenage. "We will talk about it with our team director, Walter Godefroot."
I think that because lance and ulrich are the main contenders they mark each other. this makes it less exiting as lance does not challange the PURE mountain goats he just sticks with ulrich. obviously he wants to win the overall but it makes it less exciting. last year the mountain goat. roberto lyseca i think rode up to Lance and Ulrich. and then atacked and left them in the dust. lance did not try to follow him cause he was no threat in the GC. I think this makes it less exciting though. It would of been cool if lance would of had a slog and challend lyseca. what do you blokes/and gals think?
Yep, that's why Pantani and The **** King would of been the dark horses this year. Take this scenario: Pantani, The Drunk, and Lance battle it out in the mountains, but The **** King, with the help of his team, stays in contention. When they hit the flats a week later, 4 riders, instead of the usual 2, have a very real chance of taking the final honours. That will make for so much more interesting racing.
The changed names make for some interesting readin throughout the forum ;D
Has everyone seen the final wild card selection for the tour? Definitely no Il pirata or cipo. I don't really like or dislike the two but I think the Tour will be the poorer for them not being there....
well without ulrich it sucks. But im still watching it ;D
heres my podum prediction

1. Armstrong,Lance
2. Beloki, Jobseba
3. Mcgee, Brad ;)

whats every one elses prediction?
I doubt mcgee will be on the podium come the third week, he could however win a stage.
I doubt mcgee will be on the podium come the third week, he could however win a stage.
said steve

yeh i know i was just being optimistic you know :) just like Ogrady will get green ;D. I hope he does hes a cool dude.
so who do you think will be on the podium?

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