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    I'm not sure if this is a hobby or an obsession, I rarely make it out of the state, because in part, it's just so friggin pretty. I also tend to load heavy, like 150 to 300 + lbs. granted, part of that is my Snowtrekker canvas tent w/ wood stove, but... it's how I roll. whilst on the coastal run ( hyway 101) I have noted every type from kids who left with a 1/2 cooked notion as to what touring was ( I was one of those back in '94) to a Canadian cpl that rode from Quebec city, to the east Canadian coast, down to Bogata Columbia and up the west coast. I met them in Florence Oregon and they had been one the road for 15 months. with yet 3 more to go before getting home. Clda sworn I was hard core... oh well.
    But, there are so many cyle friendly roads here so it is no surprise to find people from all over the world "testing themselves" on the rugged 101 and Cascade mnts.