Touring waterproof

IME, it's difficult bordering on impossible to keep dry while riding above a (very) casual pace. The higher degree of waterproofness, the slower you have to ride to avoid getting soaked from the inside.
I prefer less waterproof items, preferably with ventilating panels at the rear.
If I'm gonna be out where full waterproof is needed, I'll bring a slightly heavier fabric jacket with pit zips or some other means of efficient ventilation.
I think for touring I would buy something less expensive, and like dabac said it's difficult to keep dry while cycling without overheating and or sweating causing your clothes inside to get wet. Also while touring sometime clothing have a way of getting worn faster than just normal riding from your house, so that's something you need to consider in buying anything for touring not just jackets...but word of warning, I'm a tightwad! Anywho see this for semi warm wet weather: If cooler wet weather is more of a concern (because you mentioned Alpine) then see this:

There are thousands of jackets one could recommend but those two are very reasonably priced and do basically the same thing.

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