TR: Carn an Fhidhlair & An Sgarsoch

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Stuart, Jun 19, 2005.

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    > > Linn of Dee approach, not as good as the Glen Feshie approach, but an

    > > day out, (cycled the 9 mile in!)
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    > Nice pics. How technical is the track ? Double track and then the stalkers
    > path.
    > Would the stakers path be rideable ?
    > Nick

    I wouldn't know how to grade a track for a bike, however I will try and give
    you some indication, you could get an average car to Red Bridges (NO005869)
    then a land rover (with out needing diff lock) to Geldie Lodge. And I doubt
    you would need touch the ground with your feet on the stalkers path from
    Geldie Lodge to NN925857, after wich its peat bog country! I left the bike
    at Geldie Lodge as I was returning via "Corrie Seilich"

    Note, the crossing of the Geldie Burn at Geldie Lodge may become impossable
    if in spate. As you can see from the pics I was there on a good day, and I
    took the socks and shoes off and waded accross, knee deep!