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    Sunday morning the forecast and the view across Cardigan Bay didn't
    quite match, so I waited until lunchtime to see what the weather was up
    to. In the early afternoon I went to Cwmystwyth at the end of the
    Rheidol hydroelectric road at the exit of the Rheidol gorge. Photos of
    the day's walk are at

    After crossing the Rheidol on a footbridge, I went up through forest to
    Pontarfynach / Devil's Bridge. The path is a little different from the
    OS map but is very clearly waymarked apart from the last signpost before
    the village, which points into someone's back garden. The track of the
    Vale of Rheidol railway is crossed almost at the top of the gorge.

    I left the village southward and went on across the B4574 onto a track
    leading gently up the Mynach valley. It's the Mynach, just before
    merging into the Rheidol, that's crossed by the Devil's bridge, but this
    section of the river is rather calmer, before entering the gorge.

    A bit higher up along the river, the banks are getting rather boggy and
    the river itself gets steeper and has some fine rapids. The bog was
    just serious enough to top up my boots, which were in danger of drying
    out after the bog trotting exercise on Friday... I wasn't sure if there
    was a bridge or ford (the map only shows a right of way crossing the river
    at SN771776, but that doesn't necessarily mean much of course) and was
    beginning to wonder if it was worthwhile continuing through the quagmire
    given that I might have to come back the same way. But then a couple of
    people and dogs came the other way and brought me the good news about the
    bridge, and I could reassure them that the bog in which we were all standing
    was the worst bit I had encountered so far. Here's a view upstream from
    the footbridge:

    The next section was up Llechwedd Mawr through Forestry Commission land:
    rather eventless but quick progress on wide tracks. The forest extends
    to the top of the ridge, where the view opens back over the rolling
    hills of Ceredigion:

    On the way down, I had a short exchange of views with a farmer's dog,
    but the farmer called it back immediately and successfully. Meeting
    the A4120 at Ysbyty Cynfyn, from where the path descends the Rheidol
    gorge. On the descent, I met a chap who was looking for the bridge.
    When I told him that it's right at the bottom of the gorge, he said he
    wasn't sure he'd be able to make it back up. I hope I didn't scare him
    away, muddy trousers and sharp end of my pole sticking out of my
    rucksack and all that... The views from Parson's bridge up and down the
    gorge are stunning:
    and a huge waterfall can be seen on the way up on the other side:

    After a short section on high ground cutting off the bend of the gorge
    (where there's no space for a path), I went down once more to reach the
    car at Cwmystwyth. Not as wild as on Friday, but an interesting mix of
    farmland, bog, forest, open hillside and gorge, with a bit of local
    history thrown in for good measure.
    Rudi Winter, Aberystwyth, Wales

  2. Rudi Winter

    Rudi Winter Guest

    Rudi Winter <[email protected]> wrote:
    > to. In the early afternoon I went to Cwmystwyth at the end of the


    > car at Cwmystwyth. Not as wild as on Friday, but an interesting mix of

    Ouch! Cwmrheidol of course...
    Rudi Winter, Aberystwyth, Wales
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