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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by David, Apr 17, 2006.

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    It's been ages since I've found the energy to get over to Wales. With the
    forcast looking reasonable, I thought I'd go for it on Sunday. So after a 5
    hour drive I roll up at the Pen-y-pass car park at find
    it full. After a quick chat with the attended, I decided to try the Watkins
    path instead and find the south-side car park empty with the exception of
    single car and minibus.

    [There's obviously something about Easter that brings out the 'Duke of
    Edinbugh' groups. It's so unusual (but good) to see small groups of
    younsters on the hill - they stick out a mile. They're usually kitted with
    completely inappropriately large rucksacks - certainly brings back painful
    memories for me.]

    Anyway, there's plenty of cloud on the hill as I start and I have to don
    waterproofs for a sweaty ascent through the slate workings and up onto the
    ridge. Due to the path renovations, it's a bit like a staircase - a very
    easy ascent. The wind hits hard as I get up onto the ridge. Great initial
    views on the other side though. Once here, I trudge up into the cloud and
    after about a couple of hours I approach the train station. I was surprised
    not to find the cafe open - I can't think of a more popular day to have it
    open. If it really HAS to there, why can't it be damn open?!. I must have
    been up Snowdon 10 times and have yet to see it open. As I start my
    sandwiches, the cloud is blown away and I and the other 30 or so summiters
    are treated to a great view. After taking a few snaps and a rest, I retrace
    my steps back the SE ridge towards Yr Arran and turn left at the col back
    down to the mine workings.

    A nice day with good views (and sore feet). Just another 5 hour drive home
    to negotiate.

    Here are some pictures. Click 'View all Images' and then select 'Slideshow'.


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  3. Nice pics, we're off to sonwdon next weekend, hopefully we'll get as
    good views as you (knowing our luck with welsh mountains it'll be
    raining with near zero viz)

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    David <[email protected]> wrote:
    > Watkins
    > path
    > ridge. Due to the path renovations, it's a bit like a staircase - a very

    Path renovations? I haven't been there for a while but apart from one
    short stretch (the steepest bit) I can't remember the path being
    particularly eroded. Is this "preventative maintenance"?


    The depth of no. 5 is amazing, but I like them all!
    Rudi Winter, Aberystwyth, Wales