Track racing competitions – questions

Thomas Schleppzug

New Member
Sep 8, 2017
Hi to all track cycling fans,

I'm working on the realtime visualizations for the track cycling events of the Six-days racing, especially for the Madison. I have certain questions related to the range to which some data can vary. I haven't manage to find the actual data anywhere, so I would be very grateful if someone with knowledge of these things can answer my questions. It doesn't necessarily has to be from six days, the things you know from UCI world championships or Olympics are also very helpful.

Lap gains:
  1. How long does it take on average for a rider to gain a lap? What about extreme case (the fastest lap gain you know of, or the slowest).
  2. How often does a lap gain attempt fail? What is the percentage of successful lap gains? How often is this a result of nobody joining the rider in a pursuit, or of the peloton speeding up, or the errors of the rider?
  3. How many lap gains are common for an one hour Madison? What about edge cases?

6 days specific questions:
  1. As I understand, each six day racing has different rules with counting points, is true? Like in Six day Amsterdam 2014 racing each 200 points gained were converted into a lap. But that didn't happen on very the last event somehow, so the winner determination was unexpected for me. And those rules differ from race to race but I can't find the regulations anywhere. What is the most common practice of points/laps conversion? Does someone has a link to such regulations?
  2. Do you know where I can find full description of one of the (possibly recent) six day races with listing of all of the events on each day and the points awarded for the winners? What would be the most helpful is the detailed results of some 6 days with the breakdown of scores and laps (like e.g. team A was a winner of the 6 days in London in 2015 and they got points for the following events, taking such places on such days: .... and gained N laps in the following events on such days: ... ). I have seen the link to and was hoping to get data from there but the link never displayed any data, and I'm trying to access it for more than half a year already.
  3. Is there a 6 day event where the full video coverage of all events is accessible?
  4. How often does a lead change happen? How about the changes in the first 3 places?
  5. What is the usual difference at the end of 6 days between leaders, mid-range riders and outsiders in terms of laps and points?

  1. How often do extraordinary event happen, like crashes, disqualifications, race suspensions, accidental miss of the hand-sling?

Thank you so much!