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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Just Zis Guy, Jun 25, 2003.

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  1. Just Zis Guy

    Just Zis Guy Guest

    It was a nice sunny evening so I thought I'd ride home slowly on the sunny route. And there I was
    trundling along at a stately 21mph when a tractor pulled out of a side turning and began to follow
    me. It was catching me up. "I'm not having that!" thinks I, so I put a bit of effort in and
    started pulling away. I'd gained about 50 yards on him when disaster struck in the shape of a
    small hill. With a superhuman effort I managed to lose only ten yerds of gap, and then the road
    flattened out and went downhill. Hurrah! 32mph briefly, and the tractor dwindling in the mirror,
    but it's an all-important stretch because round the bend is Another Hill! Grunted up that, and
    accelerated away again.

    Along the top of the ridge with the tractor just about keeping pace (he went past the farm where I
    though he lived) and then a short uphill followed by a stretch with a slight uphill gradient. Help!
    He's gaining again! Hit the top and a fast switchback, 35mph downhill and a 90 degree left-hander
    under full power (no risk of pedal strike), followed by a short sharp climb. Now it's getting
    personal - the tractor wobbles round the corner and is gaining on me up the hill. 100 yards - 50
    yards - 25 yards - and holding, more power on, round the left hander, still climbing gently, and
    then - Span Hill!

    So it's into the sharp right hander at the top, and rapidly up the sprockets while the Flying Banana
    accelerates to Grin Factor Nine (41mph) as we hurtle down towards the Flowing Spring. The tractor
    is... that little dot in the mirror! With nothing more to prove I cruise down the hill and ease off
    gently as I approach Playhatch Roundabout; for once there is no circulating traffic and I cross
    the roundabout at a brisk 26mph.

    Victory is mine! Can't wait to get some Stelvios on that bike :-D

    ** WARNING ** This posting may contain traces of irony. Advance
    notice: ADSL service in process of transfer to a new ISP. Obviously there will be a week of downtime
    between the engineer removing the BT service and the same engineer connecting the same equipment on
    the same line in the same exchange and billing it to the new ISP.

  2. Tony W

    Tony W Guest

    "Just zis Guy, you know?" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    > Victory is mine! Can't wait to get some Stelvios on that bike :-D

    Nah -- he obviously wasn't trying.
  3. Peter B

    Peter B Guest

    "Just zis Guy, you know?" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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    <snipped nightmare pursuit story>

    Jeepers Guy, reminded me of that film with Dennis Weaver being pursued by a tanker truck! Scarey:)

  4. James Hodson

    James Hodson Guest

  5. Not Me

    Not Me Guest

    Just zis Guy, you know? deftly scribbled:

    > Victory is mine!

    Heheheh, and to the victor the spoils .. er .. did you get anything for it ?

    Other than perhaps the biggest grin this side of a Basil Brush gag ;)

  6. >By which time you were 27.327196 miles past your intended destination.

    Nice one :)

    Cheers, helen s

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  7. On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 22:02:18 +0100, contributor You know? Just zis Guy had scribed:
    > The tractor
    > is... that little dot in the mirror!

    Reminds me of the occasion when some of the CTC section decided to go to the coast (about 45-50
    miles away depending on which bit of coast) at short notice, so took some annual leave and away we
    went. A good following wind and the Yorkshire Wolds section of the A166, like a lumpy plateau, we
    were pacing a tractor at about 40 mph before passing
    it. Those were the days (when I was fitter)!

    Gary - catching up on newsgroup reading!


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