TRADE: Zipp 440 650c tubular wheels

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by David Alyea, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. David Alyea

    David Alyea Guest

    I have a mint pair of 2001 Zipp 440 650c tubular wheels that have about 450 miles on them. They were
    used for racing only for triathlon- lots of straight, no-sprint riding! I got a new bike this year,
    and it has 700c wheels, so as much as I wish these wheels would fit my new bike...

    I'd like to trade my Zipps for 700c race wheels- Zipps, Corimas, HED, Nimble, anything you might
    have to offer. I will include 3 650c tubular tires, all Conti, all with lots of life, so you'll be
    ready to race. Just pop on your cassette and use your skewers, and off you go.

    Please email if you have 700c wheels to trade.

    David Alyea San Francisco, CA