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Jun 28, 2015


I was coming home from floatation-REST therapy for primary insomnia and nearly took some guy off his bike. I thought, for a brief 0.28 seconds, that I'd have to swerve and take out his back wheel; but my brakes are high-performance copper-impregnated-ceramic and I use high-end summer tires up front, and my Mazda 3 is a fantastic car besides, so I managed to prevent the collision.

I stop at stop signs when I'm on my bike. I stop at red lights when I'm on my bike--I wish we'd implement Idaho stops everywhere, though, for bicycles and motorcycles, and possibly convertibles, thanks to the superior visibility reducing risk.

Can we do something about this? Can we get some sort of combined state education program going, explaining to everyone the importance and legality of cycling with traffic, following traffic control devices (signs, signals), passing cyclists safely (three ****ing feet!), cycling in a safe zone (out in the middle of the lane if there's parked cars, not right up against the row of cars), and so on?

I am tired of dealing with cyclists running around all stupid half the time, drivers trying to run me over when I'm on my bike, other cyclists trying to knock over my bike running red lights coming the wrong way down a one-way street, and other drivers driving all stupid when I safely share the road with cyclists. We have a problem here.

Bicycles, pedestrians, and EPMADs are part of the road. They're things you will encounter when driving. I get that we don't have bicycle licenses; but safe coutility of the road with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians, EPMADs, and the occasional jackass is an integral part of operating a motor vehicle, and we should teach this as part of driver's ed.

At least the information would trickle down, since most cyclists are also drivers or motorcyclists. Even the police get licensed; they'd know to tell a cyclist to turn around and go the right way down a one-way street.
I'm all for education and continuing awareness programs (billboards, TV and radio spots...). IMO, the money would provide much greater and universal benefit spent on this rather than on a 1/2 mile bike lane here and a disconnected 2 mile MUP there.
No billboards.

We should ban billboards. Completely.

What moron decided to institutionalize distracted driving?
in terms of bang for buck, education (not formal classes) and awareness programs do more to reduce accidents than any infrastructure changes could achieve.

However, let's not expect sea changes in conduct. Many people are fully aware of the implications of their actions and do what they do anyway. Where education would have the most impact is when about hidden and not well understood issues, such as passing trucks on the right, railroad/trolley tracks, metal gratings, slab seams on concrete roads, and the like.

Any awareness campaign should also include motorists, and review their side of the car/bicycle equation.
The reason roads are anywhere near safe to ride on at all is because most people follow the rules.

Any arrogant jackass who plays, "I'm better and more important than you!" and flouts the rules that allow the safe flow of traffic makes riding less safe for all.
A week back I had a driver get upset with me FOR stopping at the sign!
He was behind me and almost crashed into the back of me when I stopped. He then yelled at me from his car that "bikes don't stop at signs you retard, you almost made me hit you!"
Always some jerk out there that'll complain no matter what you do, BikeBikeBikeBike. Sorry you ran into one of them; that's the most ridiculous thing ever to yell at someone about.

Really though, I do think there needs to be some sort of education program on this. I know all the traffic signals myself, but I know a ton of people who don't. Some of it is definitely just people saying, "Ha! These rules don't apply to me!", and doing what they want anyway. But at least where I live, bike safety is not a well spoken about topic. There's been integration of biking lanes and such in my city but a lot of cyclers refuse to use them because drivers are refusing to stay out of the lanes, making them unsafe. :angry:

I think even if people just learned the very basics that would be an improvement. Like, even starting a campaign on safe biking, that sort of thing.
What is the obsession with how other people ride. Getting upset will do no good. Folks will make their own determination about what rules they follow and what risks they take. One hopes that they accept the consequences of their actions with a minimum of complaining and hand ringing.

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