Trails in Trenton?

Discussion in ' archive' started by Spickydoo, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Spickydoo

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    I'm new to the Trenton/Belleville Ontario area and was
    wondering if there was any good trails or even better, some
    riders in this area? I know I'm only an hour from Toronto or
    Kingston in either direction, but I dont want to travel that
    far everytime I want to go for a muni ride. Any info would
    be awsome.

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  2. Come into Toronto, and ride! If not, i live in Whitby
    (closer than Toronto) and there are some okay trails around
    where i live. i.e. Durham forest is okay, and in the summer
    Dagmar is also pretty good. I believe has a pretty
    extensive trail network.



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  3. Uni Guy

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    Spickydoo, I'm not too sure if I will be venturing down
    to Trenton right away or anything, but I have a close
    friend who lives there now. And before christmas I was
    down there 3 times in december, ofcourse with no one to
    ride with. If I'm coming back any day soon we should
    rrrrride. yes yes, true true

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