What type of trainer do you have?<br /><br />Have you seen the music cassettes that are desiged to acompany a turbo session?
I am in the market for an appropriate trainer, don't have one yet. I have not heard about music cassettes. How do they work?
Why hook up your trainer to your computer, when you can hook your computer to your trainer ;D<br /><br />;id=31102<br /><br />
<br /><br />
<br /><br />No I don't have one, but isn't this the ultimate cyclist geek toy? :D<br />
I think they were showing them off at that cycle expo (the pathetic small one at the sun dome). A pretty penny for some graphics though. I think that it would be a great investment though. Just after the tricked out litespeed, Santa Cruz Blur, personal full time coach, go faster stripes on your car and gorgeous girl in a support car exhorting you to go faster...<br /><br />More expensive than all the above as well (Well just about, they were quoting some insane number)
[quote author=ltsop link=board=19;threadid=2529;start=0#21794 date=1035266908]Can anything make riding on a wind trainer fun ??? ;D<br />[/quote]<br /><br />Dunno. I used mine for about 2 weeks, now it's used strictly as a maintenance stand for chain cleaning etc ;D<br /><br />I now just ride at night instead of using the trainer, thanks to a pair of 20W Cateye Daylight headlights ... at 10pm, a &quot;shared path&quot; is YOUR path! 8)
Have you tried a turbo class, similar to spinning but when cyclists get together with their bikes and indoor trainers for a grilling off a coach?<br /><br />Do you have roller racing or is it a UK thing?
Roller racing???<br /><br />A mate of mine sent me a series of turbo trainer workouts that I'm happy to pass on to anyone who's interested. Only problem is there on paper, so anybody with a scanner?<br /><br />Just a word of warning - some of those workouts look bloody hard! Two hours of doing intervals on a home trainer?!?
Can clamping the rear wheel onto low end trainers damage the bike ?<br /><br />
Not sure, but I seem to remember an old thread on the equipment board.
Certainly something for us guys in JHB to think about for winter. Perhaps we could get together with our trainers and bikes in hand and do our own group training. Everyone gets a go to design a training programme and give it to the group.<br /><br />I will certainly take alot of the boredom out of training by yourself, and you will be riding your bike so no utter cuh-rap from non-cycling spinn instructors who don't think like we do.
You could try this idea here,<br /> <br />I've made a load of videos that enable me to simulate a outdoor ride in the sun indoors. I've just started training with the ones I made this summer &amp; find I'm actually looking forward to riding indoors! I'm hoping for a **** winter here in Belgium so I can get a head start on my competition.The video I made last winter was taken from inside my car &amp; looked awful so I got a helmet camera this summer &amp; took it to the Alpes.<br /><br />Here is a pic on the Col du Galibier which is 1hr38mins long including the descents!<br /><br />